Makeup Application: $100 (1 hour. Please call for travel information)

The full package of application. Skin prep, foundation and concealer, eyes, brows, lashes, lips – the works.

Makeup Application with Airbrush: $150-$200 (1 hour)

A must for TV, HD and photography. This weightless and long wearing application is fantastic for anytime being photo ready is a must.

Just Eyes w / Lashes: $50 (45 minutes)

Primer, shadow, liner and lashes. Perfect when the finishing touch is all you need.

Bridal Makeup

The full package of application. Skin prep, foundation and concealer, eyes, brows, lashes, lips – the works. Onsite and personalized for each individual.

Brides: $150, airbrush +$50

Trial: $85

Bridal Party: $100 each, airbrush $25


Microblading: $450 (2 hours)

This amazing, semi permanent makeup application uses small hairlike stokes of pigment. The result are even, full and defined eyebrows that are always on, not just when you pencil them in.

Microblading Fill: $150-$250 (1 hour and within 1 month of original service)

After you’re loving your new brows, you may want a little more pigment, a little more fill or a slightly different shape.

Eyebrow Wax: $20 (30 minutes)

Using Cierpil wax, your brows will never look better with less pain of traditional waxing. Enjoy shaping, wax, tweeze and trim to get the perfect brow look.

Eyebrow Tint: $40 (20 minutes)

Toss your brow pencil and enjoy full, color tinted brows that lasts a whole month.


Lip Wax: $20 (15 minutes)

No one wants to see peach fuzz in the sunlight. Cierpil wax removes that unwanted hair for a smooth finish.

Nose Wax: $35 (30 minutes)

Not just for the males! Remove pesky hairs from the nostril area for a clean and clear nose.


Eyelash Lift with Tint: $100 (45 minutes)

Enjoy the look of mascara without the mascara. Not only does tinted color make lashes look darker, lifting gives them the perfect curl.

Eyelash Extensions: $285 (1 hour)

The perfect way to have the false lash look all the time. Individual lash extensions give the look of longer and fuller lashes for roughly 6 weeks and without the hassle of glue.

Fill: $85 (30 minutes)

Lash extensions will naturally come off over a few weeks. This treatment is great for the few wayward lashes.


Dermaplane with Peel: $100

Like a good shave, but better. Using a blade, peach fuzz hair and a dead skin cells are painlessly removed from your face. It’s a perfect combination with the peel because it allows the lactic acid of the peel to penetrate more deeply. The result of this combination is glowing, smooth skin. After a series of peels, age spots fade, fine lines decrease and skin looks radiantly young.