5 Must Haves for Your Wedding Makeup Artist

For some, their wedding might be the first time they’ve ever had their makeup done by a professional. That said, it can be pretty scary to think of putting your wedding day look into someone else’s hands. So what should you be looking for when you’re booking a makeup artist for your wedding? Here are our thoughts:

Licensed and or Certified

Depending on which state you’re in, your makeup artist should be up to the state’s requirements with either a license and or certification. Having a makeup artist that is board certified is crucial. Sure your buddy can do great makeup, but a certified artist is educated on more than just eye shadow. A certified artist knows the science behind your skin and is more likely to be able to spot and handle an allergic reaction to products.


Having a professional contract is a must for your wedding day. A good contract will layout the timing of the event, who will be having which services, cost, contingencies for illness, arrival time and event time. These are just the start of what the contract should include – the more details, the better! Also, it’s important to note that text messages and emails are not binding contracts so be sure to have a hard copy that is actually signed.

Trial Run

Anyone who says they can show up the day of your big day and give you the look you want, is wrong. A good wedding makeup artist will not only include a trial run, they will insist on it.

Be sure that you talk through all the things you’ll want on the day of your wedding. Do you want false lashes? A special shade of lips? Talk through all your options and be sure to try them all out too.

Good Vibes

One of the most important things you will need on your big day are people you can trust. And your makeup artist must be one of those people. When you meet with your artist,  make sure you have good vibes together. Feeling comfortable enough to tell them that you don’t like something in your look is central to getting the look you want. And you want to know that when they tell you that a particular shade of blush doesn’t work on you, that they are telling you the truth.

Stellar Reviews

Look for online references and ask your artist for referrals too. Sure they might do amazing makeup, but did they show up on time? Run over on time? Forget their lipsticks? Be sure to ask questions too if these topics aren’t laid out.

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